During a routine grocery run at Walmart, a customer found themselves in a humorous exchange with an employee while bagging nearly $300 worth of groceries. The employee, a proponent of a $15 per hour wage, took issue with the customer’s use of double bags and suggested they use fewer bags instead.

The customer defended their choice, pointing out that the bags were too flimsy to hold the items securely with just one. The employee then recommended distributing the items between two bags rather than double-bagging, which led to a funny back-and-forth.

Amused, the customer highlighted the irony of still needing two bags for the same items, likening the situation to the confusion often associated with “Common Core math.” Shoppers nearby enjoyed the light-hearted debate as the employee eventually returned to her post, still holding onto her unique bagging advice.

This light-hearted incident at Walmart turned a mundane grocery trip into a memorable moment, highlighting the humorous clash between practicality and unconventional advice.