A delightful math puzzle featuring a cow has been making waves on Twitter, captivating minds with its charming cottage setting and brain-teasing logic. Let’s join the herd and explore this numerical adventure together!

The Cozy Conundrum:

Imagine buying a cow for $800, selling it for $1000, and pocketing a neat profit of $200. Then, you re-purchase the cow for $1100, but with your previous profit in mind, your effective cost becomes $900. Finally, you sell the cow again for $1300, leaving you with a total profit of…?

If you’ve been following the moo-ney trail, you might have already solved it! The correct answer is indeed $400. Let’s break it down step by step:
Buy the cow for $800
Sell the cow for $1000, earning a $200 profit
Re-purchase the cow for $1100, effectively costing $900 (-$200 profit)
Sell the cow again for $1300, totaling a $400 profit
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