Sir Paul McCartney, formerly a Beatle and iconic rock star, was recently seen sporting a new hairstyle—a man bun—during his vacation in St. Barts with his wife, Nancy Shevell. Despite global travel restrictions, the 78-year-old enjoyed his annual Caribbean retreat.

McCartney, approaching his 80th birthday, continues to showcase his youthful spirit by trying new looks. Nancy Shevell looked chic in a pink top, brown fedora, and oversized sunglasses.

Throughout his career, McCartney and the Beatles were renowned for their distinctive hairstyles. McCartney, known for his long hair, recently embraced a man bun, reflecting his ongoing willingness to experiment with styles. In 2018, he made headlines by stopping dyeing his hair and going natural gray, a significant shift from his previously dyed red hair.

McCartney’s holiday season was eventful. Alongside his trip to St. Barts, he released a new album, “McCartney III,” which he wrote and recorded during the lockdown. In an interview with actor Idris Elba, McCartney explained that he hadn’t planned to make an album during the lockdown; it happened organically. He described the process as akin to everyone cleaning out their closets and accomplishing tasks they’d put off.

“I had no intention of making an album. I just had ten tunes and wondered what to do with them,” McCartney said. “I didn’t realize I was making an album until I had recorded ten tracks.”

The album’s title, “McCartney III,” follows the tradition of his previous solo works, “McCartney I” and “McCartney II.” He explained that since he played all the instruments himself, it naturally became the third installment.

Despite no longer being as constantly in the limelight as during his Beatles days, McCartney continues to make an impact with his music and evolving style, proving that his creative spirit is still very much alive.