A current riddle making waves across the internet isn’t just a brain teaser; it’s also testing the bonds of friendships. The riddle itself is deceptively simple yet surprisingly tricky: “What has a head, a tail, is brown, and has no legs?” This conundrum has sparked both amusement and frustration among friends trying to solve it together.

But you don’t have to watch your friends struggle in vain. You can lend a helping hand by dropping them a few hints. First off, assure them that the answer doesn’t involve fur. Next, nudge them in the right direction by revealing that it’s something they encounter daily—a common object.

If your friend is still scratching their head, here’s a game-changing hint: this item is no longer used in Canada. Now, put on your thinking cap: can you crack the riddle? If you’re still stumped, turn to history for a clue from none other than President Abraham Lincoln.

So, what’s the answer to this perplexing puzzle? Drumroll, please—it’s a penny! A penny fits the bill perfectly: it’s brown, has a head and a tail, and notably, lacks fur. Did your friends manage to uncover the answer swiftly? Share their riddle-solving triumphs with us in the comments below!