In a compelling interview with Human Events’s Jack Posobiec, Michael Cassidy, a Christian veteran, discussed his recent act of dismantling the Satanic Temple’s Baphomet statue at the Iowa State Capitol. Cassidy urged Americans to reconsider their cultural values and reject Satanic influences, emphasizing the inappropriateness of such statues in public spaces.

Cassidy’s actions received mixed responses. While some praised his stance against Satanism, he also faced significant hate mail from Satanists and their sympathizers. Cassidy shared a particularly poignant story of a father upset over the statue’s removal because he had planned to show it to his daughter.

Cassidy believes that public icons can profoundly impact society and argues for the importance of rejecting Satan and embracing Jesus Christ. He stressed the need to influence the younger generation positively, stating, “We must always focus on children because they are impressionable.”

Michael Cassidy’s dedication to his faith serves as a reminder for Americans to reflect on their beliefs and consider their impact on society’s future.

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