Martha Stewart is a household name, known for her crafting, cooking, and even her time behind bars. But as she entered her 80s, she found herself in a new spotlight—as a sex symbol.

At the Fashion Group International Night of Stars gala in New York City, Martha faced questions about her unconventional fashion choices for her age. But instead of being rattled, she responded with confidence: “Dressing for whose age?”

Her boldness speaks volumes. Martha refuses to be confined by society’s expectations, empowering others to embrace their individuality, no matter their age.

She boldly declares, “I don’t think about age. People are more fabulous than ever in their senior years, and I applaud every one of them.”

Her rebellious spirit extends beyond the red carpet; Martha makes fashion statements on social media and even graced the cover of Sports Illustrated as the oldest swimsuit model.

Despite critics, Martha remains unapologetically herself, challenging stereotypes and earning respect across generations. She’s a shining example of embracing individuality, no matter what society says.