A new idea is breaking up the world of parenting, where changing dirty diapers is as common as cuddles. Asking babies’ permission before changing their diapers is a big deal. The idea has caused both interest and debate, and many people are still scratching their heads.

Now comes Deanne Carson, who calls herself an expert on teaching about sexuality. In a very bold statement, she says that parents should start talking about agreement with their child as soon as they are born. Carson says that a society of consent can help everyone, even babies. This may sound strange.

Carson talked about how to teach this idea to kids when she made a famous interview on ABC. She stresses how important it is to show children that their ideas are valued through nonverbal signs, especially eye contact. Carson says that even though newborns can’t talk, a moment of anticipation and nonverbal communication can help parents and children build a respectful connection.

A “sex expert” says parents should get their baby’s permission before changing their diaper.

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But, like any controversial idea, there are people who don’t believe it. A lot of people online question whether it’s even possible to get permission from a baby who doesn’t understand what’s going on. Some even make fun of the idea that you could expect a baby to talk.

John Rosemond, another parenting expert, joins the argument and says that high-fiving kids is wrong, even though it seems like a harmless sign. Rosemond says that these kinds of actions weaken parental power and respect, which can lead to kids not following rules in the future.

What happens when the child says no? Why not do it anyway? That’s the real problem now.

Either she’s never wrestled a child while changing its diaper, or even worse, she just let hers stay in a dirty diaper until it was ready to say yes. WOW.

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These talks about parenting choices make it clear how hard it can be in a world where every choice seems to matter. Everything a parent does and says affects the relationship between them and their child, from getting permission to change a baby’s diaper to knowing when to give a high five.

What’s the verdict? Do we think too much about parenting, or are these talks necessary to build respectful relationships? As the argument goes on, one thing is still clear: being a parent is not easy. In addition to surprises and difficulties, the trip also includes dirty diapers. One thing is certain, though: the search for knowledge and progress never stops.